Капинвестиции в металлургии в первом полугодии сократились на 30% (с) shutterstock(с) shutterstock

Steelmakers invested ₴8.6 billion in production development in January–June

The volume of capital investment in the steel industry and production of finished steel products fell by 30.1% to ₴8.6 billion in H1 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year, according to the State Statistics Service.

The share of the steel industry and production of steel products in the overall volume of capital investments in industry reached 13.6%.

In H1, capital investments in the mining industry (iron ore mining) as part of the mining & metals sector fell by 37.4% to ₴19.3 billion. Their share in the total volume of industrial capital investment was 30.5%.

The overall capital investment in industry reduced by 49.1% to ₴63.3 billion in H1 2020 y-o-y.

As reported earlier, in 2019, the volume of capital investment in production of steel and finished metal products increased to ₴30.49 billion compared to the previous year. Capital investment index was 129.7%.