The port shipped more than 4,000 railcars by rail

In the 6 months since the resumption of work in the format of a logistics center in April 2022, the Belgorod-Dniester sea trade port has increased its load by 100 times compared to 2021. The press service of the port reports about it on the Facebook page.

After starting work in the format of a transport and logistics center in April 2022, the enterprise processed almost all types of grain and several types of iron and steel products. The port received more than 10,000 trucks and shipped more than 4,000 railcars by rail, significantly easing the load on the road infrastructure to the ports of Izmail and Reni. All products are sent for export.

“As a result, in just half a year, the company processed more cargo than in the last three years in total. The Belgorod-Dniester port has turned into an important link in the chain of export potential and economic security of Ukraine,” the message says.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the Ukrainian ports of the Danube region in January-September 2022 increased transshipment of cargo by 3.5 times compared to the same period in 2021 – to more than 11 million tons. The Danube shipping route has become an alternative to sea commercial transportation.

Also, in November, the Cabinet of Ministers made a decision to expand the water area of ​​seaports on the Danube. It is about the port in Izmail, Reni and the port of Ust-Dunaisk. According to the head of the government, over the past six months, Ukraine managed to increase the cargo turnover of these ports from 30,000 tons per month to 1.7 million tons.