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The mini-mill is experiencing a lack of orders, especially in the rebar segment

ArcelorMittal Warszawa has temporarily suspended production due to a decrease in the volume of orders, especially in the rebar segment. However, this does not indicate the beginning of a longer downtrend: the company expects demand to return to normal soon. Eurometal writes about it woth the reference to Kallanish.

The strategy of the mini-mill is to increase the production of SBQ (Special bar quality – long products designed for loads and heavy duty) and increase market share, supported by the installation of a new saw and a fourth finishing line. SBQ production in 2021 was 166,400 tonnes, the highest-ever annual output.

ArcelorMittal Warszawa produced 600,000 tons of steel in 2021 compared to 500,000 tons in 2020.

As GMK Center reported earlier, steelmalers in many regions of the world stop or reduce power due to falling demand for steel products. Steel companies are waiting for demand growth and higher steel prices in autumn, after the end of the summer downturn period in business activity.

European steel prices continued to decline in July, although the overall rate of decline slowed down. In particular, German steel producers, traders and buyers predict that steel prices and production in July will decline.