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All generated electricity will be transferred to the needs of the plant

ArcelorMittal Bremen has signed an agreement with wind energy technology provider WPD to build a wind farm with a total rated capacity of 72 MW at the plant. This is stated in a press release from ArcelorMittal.

Recently, the companies signed a declaration according to which up to 10 wind turbines will be built at the plant in Bremen (Germany) in the coming years. The entire volume of electricity generated will be transferred to the plant for steel production.

This step marks another important milestone on the company’s path to climate-neutral steel production at ArcelorMittal Bremen.

«Renewable energy is an important strategic element of our transformation. The cooperation with WPD is a great opportunity to generate and use sustainable electricity locally. With the new wind farm, we are taking another step forward. In order to achieve our goal of producing clean steel in Bremen by 2030, we need to have sufficient green electricity at internationally competitive prices – this requires ongoing support from the government,» explains Thomas Bünger, CEO of ArcelorMittal Bremen.

The project has two phases. In the first phase, two existing wind turbines will be replaced with more modern and powerful models. Three new units will also be installed. In the second stage, five more turbines will be designed and built.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Germany has recently approved financing for ArcelorMittal’s green transition. The steel mills in Bremen and Eisenhüttenstadt will receive large-scale financial assistance to transition to climate-neutral steel production. State funding for the projects is estimated at €1.3 billion, which covers about half of the planned investment.