Italy considers special administration for Acciaierie d’Italia

The Italian government is considering options to save the former ILva
AMNS India is building the world’s largest single integrated steel plant

The first phase of the project will be completed by 2026
ArcelorMittal plans to resume the work of the steel plant in Bosnia in January

The venture was suspended in November 2023 due to a weak market
ArcelorMittal increases prices for hot-rolled steel in the EU by €50/t

The company relies on limited import opportunities and a low supply of products on the domestic market
ArcelorMittal and the Italian government have not agreed on the future of Acciaierie d’Italia

The steel corporation rejected the government's plan to acquire a controlling stake in ADI
ArcelorMittal Poland: Polish division cuts capacity

During the pandemic, blast furnace and steel production in Krakow was closed, and from 2024 the coke battery at this enterprise will be decommissioned
ArcelorMittal launched a biomass processing plant in Belgium

The company has already produced the first biochar for use in a blast furnace
ArcelorMittal Temirtau in Kazakhstan is renamed Qarmet

The team was introduced to a new investor who took on production and social obligations
ArcelorMittal sold assets in Kazakhstan for $286 million

The new investor will be Allur Group, headed by Andrii Lavrentiev

How ArcelorMittal is losing its leading position in the global steel market

In 2022, the company took second place in the ranking of global steel producers. In 2023, Chinese companies are likely to displace ArcelorMittal into third place
ArcelorMittal South Africa plans to curtail production of long products

The decision is due to weak demand and infrastructure problems
ArcelorMittal signed a contract to build a new EAF in Spain

Construction work at the Gijón plant will begin in early 2024, led by the engineering company Sarralle

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