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The Kryvyi Rih branch of the enterprise started production of the push rod

In 2023, the Kryvyi Rih division of Zaporizhzhia Foundry and Mechanical Plant (ZFMP) set up the technology for the production of a new important product for Ukrainian coke producers. This is stated in the company’s press release.

ZFMP specialists have begun production of a push rod, one of the most important parts for coke plants, which is large in size and consists of many toothed racks, plates, control teeth, and more. It pushes the coke cake out of the coking chamber.

«For comparison, if this part is placed vertically, it will be taller than a 9-story building, and it weighs as much as the copper used to cover the Statue of Liberty in the United States,» the statement said.

Last year, ZFMP specialists produced a total of four such parts by order of Zaporizhkoks, Kametstal and Yuzhkoks. The largest bar was made for Zaporizhkoks. It is 28 meters long and weighs almost 28 tons. The coke makers confirmed the high quality of the products, which are already being successfully used in their operations.

«Our branch has traditionally cooperated with the mining and processing complex, but due to changes in the logistics chains, this led to a drop in production at the GOKs, and, as a result, the orders we made for them were significantly reduced. We started looking for new opportunities and orders. We started working with Yuzhkoks, Kametstal and Zaporizhkoks. One of the new products is a push rod, which we produced specifically for these companies,» says Denis Sorokotyaga, director of ZFMP Branch No. 2.

As GMK Center reported earlier, ZFMP produced a coke oven basket by order of Zaporizhkoks. The 14-tonne metal structure will help coke engineers to efficiently unload finished products while maintaining the optimum temperature and quality of coke.