Запорожский ЛМЗ реконструирует фасонно-литейное отделение Запорожский ЛМЗ реконструирует фасонно-литейное отделение

The company is going to master the production of spare parts for mining, and lifting machines

Zaporizhzhya Casting & Mechanical Plant (ZLMZ) has partially resumed the work of main divisions: a mechanical shop, metal structures shop, and department of shaping casting production. It’s reported by the Metinvest Media.

The plant is going to produce, and repair parts for Metinvest enterprises – Zaporizhstal, Kametstal, Metinvest Pokrovsk Coal, Mining & Processing PLants in Kryvyi Rih. The company also plans to produce new types of products – spare parts for mining, and lifting machines.

“We have every reason to resume the work: the military situation in Zaporizhzhya is under control, we have received by standard orders, and unique requests from the clients, so now we  make every effort to fulfill them”, noted the Igor Dolgoyvzago, the acting General Director of ZLMZ.

For employees the enterprise has adjusted workshifts in accordance with the curfew, centralized transportation by corporate transport with free meals has been organized. Also, according to the company, priority right for employment for shortage professions is granted to specialists evacuated from Mariupol.

Zaporizhzhya Casting & Mechanical Plant was founded in August 2016 on the basis of the production capacities of the mechanical, foundry, and metal structures of the Zaporizhstal.

As a reminder, yesterday ArcelorMittal announced plans to launch blast furnace No. 6 in April. The resumption of work of metallurgical enterprises was also announced at the Ministry of Infrastructure, stating that some of them may start up this week.