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The sale of all scrap lots could bring the railway operator more than UAH 140.8 million

Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ) successfully held 15 auctions for the sale of scrap metal with a total weight of 10.1 thousand tons, having gained UAH 54.9 million from transactions. Initially, the railway operator planned to sell 47 lots of scrap metal – a total of 31.1 thousand tons for more than UAH 140 million. The relevant information about auctions is in the ProZorro.Sales system.

32 out of 47 planned auctions did not take place due to insufficient number of participants. UZ failed to sell 21.2 thousand tons of scrap for UAH 85.9 million.

The average price per ton of scrap metal in the auctions was UAH 5.48 thousand.

Successfully sold lots of UZ scrap at auctions on August 30-31, 2022

The lot numberWeight, tCost, UAHAuction WinnerAverage price per ton, UAH
504Б763.83 599 606PPE Ferolit4712.7
505Б965.75 311 301LLC Alliancemetgroup5499.9
506Б1024.94 960 667PPE Ferolit4840.1
510Б765.43 605 105LLC Vtormetalgroup4710.1
519Б969.74 775 051.7SP Dniprostal4924.3
520Б969.74 744 136.8SP Dniprostal4892.4
521Б969.74 644 136.8SP Dniprostal4789.2
522Б526.32 680 001PPE Ferolit5092.2
523Б5537 000 100Megalom LLC12658.4
527Б2721 280 854PPE Ferolit4709.0
528Б534.62 580 001.6PPE Ferolit4826.0
535Б793.83 730 001PPE Ferolit4698.9
540Б702.84 567 947PPE Ferolit6499.6
532Б104.8486 638.1Bud-Assistant LLC4643.5
582Б200.8933 845.5PE Kommetal4650.6
Total1011754 899 392.5

Data source: prozorro.sale

Among the sold secondary scrap are types 4, 301, 303, 361, 500, 322 and 26. These are worn pads, rails, railcar parts, wheels, frames and other scrap metal. Most of all secondary scrap were purchased by research and production enterprise Ferolit – 4.6 thousand tons for UAH 23.4 million.

As GMK Center reported earlier, from the beginning of 2022 UZ sold 77.9 thousand tons of scrap metal for UAH 491.1 mln. In total for the year, the railway operator planned to implement 170 thousand tons of scrap, including 13 thousand cars.

In 2021, Ukrzaliznytsia sold 201.2 thousand tons of scrap ferrous metals with a total value of UAH 1.503 billion. This is 38.8% more in monetary terms and 2.6 times more than in kind compared to 2020.

During the year, UZ managed to hold 84 auctions out of 210 published. Among the main buyers of raw materials are:

  • Dniprostal – 28 lots (82.2 thousand tons for UAH 631.4 million);
  • Metinvest-Resources – 26 lots (80.8 thousand tons for UAH 592.2 million);
  • Ferolit – 16 lots (13.8 thousand tons for 112.2 million UAH).