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From July 12, rail transportation of pig iron to Poland through the Mostyska 2 crossing is limited, and from July 16 – transportation of iron ore to Slovakia

Ukrainian state-run railway operatior Ukrzaliznytsia introduces two more conventions: for the transportation of iron ore and sinter ore, and for transportation of pig iron. This was reported by Rail.Insider with the reference to the information from the railway operator.

So, from July 12, 2022, restrictions on the transportation of pig iron to Poland through the border crossing “Mostyska 2” came into force. At the same time, it is clarified that the acceptance of wagons for transportation for the carrier PKP Cargo is prohibited.

In addition, from July 16, 2022, a convention for freight traffic to the Haniska station near Kosice in Slovakia through Uzhgorod comes into force. The restriction applies to the delivery of iron ore and sinter ore. Both conventions are in effect until cancelled.

Ukrzaliznytsia from June 19, 2022 introduced convention for freight transport through the border crossing Izov – Grubieszow (Poland) for iron and manganese ores. The restrictions will apply to the railway stations of Kryvyi Rih and Kryvyi Rih-Golovnyi for the sender ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih.

In addition, earlier Ukrzaliznytsia introduced temporary restrictions for the transportation of some goods to Romania and Hungary. Two restrictions are being imposed on Hungary, and three on Romania. The validity of the documents for the first direction is until the revision, and for the second – until June 28.

There are also restrictions on ore transportation to the Czech Republic – to the railway station Trshinec, where the Trshinec metals plant is located. Restrictions came into force from June 23, 2022, and working until cancelled.

On July 6 queues of freight cars at Ukraine’s western border crossings decreased to 35.6 thousand units. Since the beginning of the month, the total number of rolling stock has decreased by 5.7 thousand units.