69 platforms, 58 hoppers and 24 semi-railcars were handed over to customers

In September 2022, railcar-building enterprises of Ukraine sent 151 freight railcars to customers. Information service of «Freight transportation in Ukraine» reports about it.

In particular, Ukrainian railcar builders sold 69 platforms, 58 hoppers and 24 semi-railcars in one month.

“Last year, the structure of sales changed for the first time in favor of platforms, which now account for 46% of the railcar factories’ sales. At the same time, semi-railcars, which for a long time held the leading positions, turned into outsiders in sales,” the report says.

In addition, in 9 months, Dniprovagonmash and DMZ Karpaty exceeded their own results in the sale of railcars compared to 2021. It is noted that the previous year was the most difficult for the railcar-building industry.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in 2021, Ukrainian railcar builders reduced output of freight rolling stock by 31.2% compared to the previous year – to 1,948 units.

The leaders in the production of railcars last year were:

  • Kryukiv Carriage Works – 1,013 units;
  • Dniprovagonmash – 461 units;
  • DMZ Karpaty – 300 units;

According to Oleksandr Kamyshyn, the head of Ukrzaliznytsia’s (UZ) board, in recent years railcar construction has been unstable due to disorder and the lack of a state position regarding the service life of railcars.

At the same time, before the war, UZ planned in 2022 to release 1,496 freight railcars at its own capacity, spending UAH 2.55 billion for these purposes. The first 60 railcars managed to leave the car-building yards of the Panyutyn railway station.