Electronic documents

The road map for the launch of electronic documents will be developed during 2023

Ukraine has successfully passed the selection for participation in the EU4Digital pilot project, which involves joining the EU’s unified electronic waybill (TTN) system – e-CMR. It is stated in the notification of the Ministry of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure.

During 2022, active work on the implementation of the electronic TTN of Ukraine continued. As the ministry noted, there is business support in this direction, the product is currently being tested.

The transition to an electronic system will have a positive environmental as well as economic effect, since electronic invoices are cheaper than paper invoices. The advantage of the e-TTN system in Ukraine is that its development takes into account European data exchange standards, which will make integration with the European e-CMR system easier.

As part of the pilot project, a working group was formed. It should assess the current state of affairs with the electronic exchange of information on cargo transportation in Ukraine and develop a road map for the launch of electronic accompanying documents.

The road map will be developed during 2023, based on an assessment of the current state of affairs. It will include an action plan for the integration of the electronic freight transportation platform of Ukraine and the EU, in particular, the compliance of e-TTN with the standards of electronic freight transportation information exchange (eFTI).

In the fall of 2022, Ukraine began cooperation with Estonia to involve in the project of implementing e-TTN for road freight carriers.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the EU will develop transport connection with Ukraine and Moldova. Large-scale transport infrastructure projects of the European Union should focus on sustainable transport, avoiding delays. The European Parliament confirmed the need to complete major transport infrastructure projects by the end of 2030 in the main TEN-T network, and by the end of 2050 – in the comprehensive network.

Also, Ukraine by 2030, as part of the integration into the TEN-T network, plans to implement railway development projects worth €4.5 billion. The inclusion of Ukrainian railways in the European network allows access to EU assistance tools.