It covers two-way freight and transit

Ukraine and Türkiye have agreed to continue liberalizing freight transportation. This is stated in a statement by the Ministry of Reconstruction.

The transport visa-free regime with Türkiye will be in effect at least until the end of the war. It covers bilateral cargo transportation and transit. Thus, no permits are required for freight and transit transportation. At the same time, the agreement includes permit-free travel for empty trucks.

«Of all the exports we deliver to Türkiye, about 15% are by road. Turkish companies import almost 60% of the total volume of goods to us by road,» said Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister for Reconstruction, Minister of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure.

In addition, Ukraine has agreed with Türkiye to increase the number of permits for freight transportation to/from third countries and bus transportation to 3.5 thousand and 400 permits, respectively.

As the relevant ministry reminded, freight liberalization is available with 35 countries, including the EU. In 2023, the Ministry’s team managed to agree on this opportunity with Norway and North Macedonia and to extend the relevant agreement with Moldova.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ukrainian exports to the European Union have increased by 47.5% over the year and a half of the Agreement on Liberalization of Freight Transport between Ukraine and the EU compared to the same period before it was signed. Imports from the EU by road increased by 44% over the same period. The agreement was signed in June 2022 for a one-year period. In 2023, it was extended until June 30, 2024.