Ukrainian Railways' scrap

The railway operator successfully held 15 scrap metal auctions out of 51 planned

Ukrainain Railways (UZ) successfully sold 9.52 thousand tons of ferrous metal scrap worth UAH 71.81 million. Initially, the railway operator planned to sell 23.65 thousand tons of raw materials for UAH 149.7 million. The average price per ton of sold secondary scrap was UAH 7.57 thousand. This is evidenced by the relevant information in the electronic trading system Prozorro.Sale.

In total, 51 lots of raw materials were published, for which 15 auctions were successfully held. UZ failed to sell 14.13 thousand tons of scrap for more than UAH 78 million due to insufficient number of participants in the auctions.

Lots that UZ managed to sell at auctions on May 23, 2023

The lot numberWeight, tonsPrice, UAHBuyer
789Б1000.66569034.7Metinvest-Resources LLC
794Б269.131795077.1Ukrmet-Invest LLC
798Б521.64016013PE Centerstal Plus
818Б818.46546790Ukrmet-Invest LLC
819Б5384842000Plant Energosteel LLC
820Б7157150000Plant Energosteel LLC
821Б750.66980860Plant Energosteel LLC
824Б2401756000PE Centerstal Plus
825Б6384157934.1Metinvest-Resources LLC


Types 3, 500, 501, 503, 510 and others are represented among the sold scrap. These are rails, steel shavings, wire, wagon frames, parts of engines, wagons and other scrap. The main buyers of raw materials are plant Energosteel LLC,  Ferolit and LLC Metinvest-Resources.

From the beginning of 2023, UZ successfully implemented 51.8 thousand tons of ferrous metal scrap worth UAH 264.66 million.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in 2022, Ukrainian Raiways successfully implemented 113.04 thousand scrap ferrous metals with a total value of UAH 669.98 million. This is 43.8% and 55.4% less, respectively, compared to 2021.

Among the main buyers of raw materials were:

  • Metinvest-Resources – 37 lots (33.28 thousand tons for UAH 178.1 million);
  • Dniprostal – 36 lots (30.34 thousand tons for UAH 155.66 million);
  • Ferolit – 16 lots (12.3 thousand tons for UAH 95.19 million).

In general, the railway year the operator planned to implement 170 thousand tons of scrap metal. The state company also intended to dismantle 13,000 wagons, the weight of which is partially included in the above figure.