The collaboration is aimed at strengthening industry standards for emissions transparency and data quality

Global materials and services distributor Thyssenkrupp Materials Services and UK-based software solutions provider CarbonChain have announced a partnership. The companies will promote the procurement of metals using a new carbon emission tracking tool. This is stated in the message of CarbonChain.

Using CarbonChain software, Thyssenkrupp is expanding its ability to determine the carbon footprint of its products. The initiative involves the distribution of an innovative carbon emission tracking tool to customers and suppliers of Thyssenkrupp Materials Services’ distribution divisions – Materials Eastern Europe and Materials Western Europe.

According to CarbonChain, the companies’ cooperation is aimed at strengthening industry standards for emissions transparency and data quality. This will make it possible to obtain more accurate carbon intensity indicators faster. The tool will use asset-specific emission factors and activity-based methods instead of relying on global averages. This will allow customers looking for low-carbon materials to easily identify, compare and select them.

CarbonChain’s comprehensive steel emissions’ database will be expanded with primary data from Thyssenkrupp Materials Services suppliers covering steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals.

Carbon footprint reports for Thyssenkrupp Materials Services products will be made available on request, at the time of quotation or delivery. They will contain a detailed breakdown of emissions by life cycle stage and source, covering all greenhouse gas emissions from the point of origin to the customer.

«Thyssenkrupp Materials Services is committed to increasing carbon transparency in the steel industry,» said Jörg Heiles, CEO of the Materials Eastern Europe operating unit.

CarbonChain empowers companies to make climate-conscious decisions to accelerate the transition to a zero-emission economy. The AI-powered carbon accounting platform automates carbon tracking with accurate, granular asset-level data for carbon-intensive supply chains, including metals, mining and manufacturing.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Thyssenkrupp is preparing a tender for the purchase of up to 151 ktpa of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen under 10-year contracts for expected volumes starting in 2028 for its Duisburg steel plant.