Ukrainian turnover

During the year, the country imported goods worth $63.5 billion, and exported $36 billion

In 2023, Ukraine’s trade turnover amounted to $99.4 billion. In particular, the country imported $63.5 billion worth of goods and exported $36 billion. This is according to the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

Taxed imports amounted to $52.6 billion, which is 83% of the total volume of imported goods. The tax burden per 1 kg of taxed imports in January-December 2023 amounted to $0.49/kg, which is 38% more than in 2022.

The main importers of goods to Ukraine in 2023 were China – $10.4 billion, Poland – $6.6 billion, and Germany – $4.9 billion. Ukraine exported most of its goods to Poland – $4.7 billion, Romania – $3.7 billion, and China – $2.4 billion.

Machinery, equipment and transport accounted for 65% of imports during the year ($19.8 billion), chemical products ($11 billion), and fuel and energy products ($10.3 billion).

The top three most exported goods from Ukraine are:

  • food products – $21.8 billion;
  • metals and products from them – $3.9 billion;
  • machines, equipment and transport – $2.9 billion.

During the customs clearance of the export of goods subject to an export duty, UAH 559.2 million was paid to the budget.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the World Bank is waiting growth of Ukraine’s GDP in 2023 by 4.8%, and in 2024 by 3.2%. Ukraine’s prospects remain quite uncertain. Despite the expected growth in 2023, the achieved volume of real GDP will be approximately 30% lower than before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.