In January-September 2022, the state budget was implemented with a deficit in the amount of UAH 495.3 billion, while the planned deficit for this period was UAH 1,018 billion

The deficit of the Ukrainian state budget in September 2022 increased to 76.6 billion UAH compared to about 5 billion UAH in July and August 2022. This is stated in the Ministry of Finance’s press release.

According to the Minister of Finance Sergiy Marchenko, the increase in the deficit in September is associated with a decrease in external financing to $2 billion.

The deficit in September 2022 was close to the indicators at the beginning of the war – in March it was 80.6 billion UAH. The state budget deficit in April was UAH 89.7 billion, in May – UAH 113.4 billion, and in June – UAH 134.9 billion.

The state budget in January-September 2022 was implemented with a deficit of UAH 493.4 billion, including the general fund – UAH 495.3 billion. At the same time, the planned deficit for this period amounted to UAH 1,018 billion.

In September 2022, grants from the EU, the USA, other states and international organizations amounted to UAH 72.5 billion, compared to UAH 109.7 billion in August. Revenues of the state budget’s general fund for the month decreased to UAH 156.1 billion from UAH 204.6 billion in August. At the same time, cash expenses increased to 233.1 billion from 212.1 billion in the previous month.

As GMK Center reported earlier, external revenues in September 2022,  amounted to 39% of the state budget of Ukraine. At the same time, in August 2022 this indicator was 56.3%.

In September 2022, the financing of the state budget amounted to about UAH 190 billion. UAH 74.5 billion of them were external revenues, and about UAH 115 billion were own revenues and resources.