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Terms and conditions of the transition have not yet been disclosed

On July 19, the Verkhovna Rada adopted Resolution No. 7566 about certain issues of the forcible expropriation of property under the legal regime of martial law, by which it decided to transfer the property of the Novokramatorsky Mashinobudivny Zavod (NKMZ) to state ownership. This is stated in the relevant bill published on the Rada website.

The draft document was submitted to Verkhovna Rada on 18 July. The next day, it was considered by the Economic Development Committee, but no agreement was reached on the resolution. It was agreed to decide by voting.

According to the explanatory note to the draft resolution, there is a threat of loss of production capacity of NKMZ due to the possibility of its capture by the Russian aggressor.

“NKMZ equipment can be used in the cooperation of enterprises of the military-industrial complex in the production of large-caliber shells, components of artillery weapons (barrels) and the latest domestic artillery weapons systems, in particular, to quickly close the urgent need for 122 mm artillery barrels,” said the initiator of the bill, deputy Volodymyr Ariev.

It is very important to prevent the capture of equipment by the enemy, to preserve and use it for the benefit of Ukraine, the MEP added.

What kind of property of the plant can become state property is not specified in the document, however, the explanatory note states that the implementation of this document will affect budget expenditures. The terms and conditions of the transition have not yet been disclosed.

At the same time, as the president and co-owner of NKMZ George Skudar in interview HB noted, the decision of the parliament to transfer the enterprise to state ownership came as a surprise to him.

NKMZ announced about the conservation of production facilities on February 28. According to information of the trade union committee of the enterprise, employees were paid a salary for June in the amount of 2/3 of the tariff rate.

Novokramatorsky Mashinobudivny Zavod is the largest individual heavy engineering enterprise in Europe. The plant, among other things, specializes in the production of rolling, iron&steel equipment. The geography of deliveries includes 79 countries of the world. Among them are France, Italy, Poland and the CIS countries.