This is the largest number over all 28 years of independence

The government of Ukraine also transferred some assets of state-owned enterprises to the State Property Fund of Ukraine for privatization.

To date, the number of state-owned enterprises approved for privatization reached 530.

As reported earlier, President Zelenskyi ordered the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture to transfer 500 state-owned enterprises to the State Property Fund of Ukraine until 31 December for the purpose of their further privatization.

“Over almost 4 months, more state-owned facilities have been transferred for privatization than over all the 28 years of independence. This will attract investment in some state-owned enterprises and increase salaries of employees,” said Prime Minister of Ukraine, Oleksiy Goncharuk.

According to him, the total balance value of assets approved for privatization is over ₴12 billion. Privatization includes ‘big’ and ‘small.’

The government of Ukraine targets ₴6 billion in revenue from ‘big’ privatization. Auctions will begin in 2020 through ProZorro.Sale.

The process has already started in the mining & metals sector. In particular, the State Property Fund has already launched the process for the United Mining and Chemical Company.