In November, the general fund of the state budget received UAH 94.4 billion

The deficit of the state budget of Ukraine in November 2022 increased from UAH 143.4 billion in October to UAH 170 billion, in particular the general fund – from UAH 147.1 billion to UAH 163.3 billion. Ministry of Finance reported about it with the reference to operational data of the State Treasury.

For January-November 2022, the state budget was implemented with a deficit of UAH 810.5 billion, including the general fund – UAH 807.5 billion.

In November 2022, the general fund of the state budget received UAH 94.4 billion, in particular:

  • UAH 23.6 billion – corporate income tax;
  • UAH 5.8 billion – rent for the use of subsoil;
  • UAH 2.7 billion – import and export duties.

In November, cash expenditures of the state budget were implemented in the amount of UAH 312.7 billion, including the general fund – UAH 260.5 billion. For 11 months of 2022, cash expenditures amounted to UAH 2,292.7 billion, including the general fund – UAH 2,078.8 billion (86.8% of the schedule for the reporting period).

In November, the income of the single social contribution to the Pension Fund and social insurance funds amounted to UAH 39.0 billion.

For January-November 2022, UAH 504.1 billion was raised from external sources, in particular, UAH 237.3 billion of the EU loan as part of a new package of emergency macro-financial assistance.

Actual state borrowings to the general fund of the state budget for 11 months of 2022 amounted to UAH 1,097.6 billion or 77.0% of the planned for this period. Payments for repayment of the state debt for this period amounted to UAH 397.4 billion (96.6% of the plan), maintenance payments – UAH 149.6 billion (89.9% of the plan).

As GMK Center reported earlier, on November 3 the Verkhovna Rada approved the 2023 state budget, almost half of its expenses are Western aid. Next year, the government expected GDP growth of 3.2% and inflation at the level of 28%.