Public procurement

Ukraine is gradually returning to the mandatory use of Prozorro in procurement

The Ukrainian government made amendments to the procedure for public procurement. In particular, the Cabinet of Ministers reduced the list of grounds for procurement without Prozorro. It is stated in the message of the Ministry of Economy.

According to the First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economy Yulia Svyridenko, the country is gradually returning to the mandatory use of Prozorro in procurement.

“Thus, with this decision, we significantly reduced the list of exceptions when it is allowed to conclude direct contracts without a tender, and obliged to publish more information about direct purchases. We also call on all customers to treat the tender process as responsibly as possible and to make maximum efforts to ensure competition in the auctions,” the first vice-premier noted.

The Ministry of Economy also noted the main changes rhar are adopted. In particular:

  • the conditions for the publication by the customers of the report on the execution of the procurement contract in the electronic procurement system (EPS) are provided;
  • the number of reasons for making purchases without using Prozorro has decreased;
  • it has been clarified what information customers may not publish in the annual procurement plans and in the tender announcement if it poses a security threat.

In addition, the government has introduced an obligation to publish the texts of contracts and all annexes to them in the case of procurements without the use of Prozorro. However, the possibility remained to hide sensitive information about the supplier, the delivery address, if it poses a security threat.

The new resolution also specified the grounds and cases of rejection of offers by suppliers of Russian and Belarusian origin goods, as well as companies owned by their citizens.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ukraine has every opportunity to ensure economic growth this year despite the continuation of the war. This was stated by Yuliya Svyridenko. The key aspects to focus on several key aspects. It is about increasing business security, expanding logistics routes, attracting foreign investments and working together with partners.