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The government lifted the de facto ban on the export of rye, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers

The Cabinet of Ministers lifted the actual ban on the export of rye, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers. Taras Melnychuk, the representative of the government in the Verkhovna Rada, reported about it on Telegram.

“Amendments have been made to the Resolution of the CMU of December 29, 2021 No. 1424 “On approval of the lists of goods, the export and import of which are subject to licensing and quotas for 2022″ with the aim of canceling the actual ban on the export of mineral fertilizers and rye from Ukraine,” he wrote.

In particular, this applies to product items:

  • “Mineral or chemical, nitrogen fertilizers”;
  • “Mineral or chemical, phosphoric fertilizers”;
  • “Mineral or chemical fertilizers, potash”;
  • “Mineral or chemical fertilizers containing two or three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; other fertilizers; goods of this group in pills or similar forms or in packages with a gross weight of no more than 10 kg”.

The government introduced the actual ban on the export of mineral, chemical and nitrogen fertilizers, reducing the quarterly export quota from 210,000 tons to zero from July 1.

Earlier, at the beginning of March 2022, Ukraine have already introduced a ban on the export of fertilizers in order to maintain market balance during the war. However, at the end of March, the government allowed fertilizers’ export within the quota of 210,000 tons per quarter, or 70,000 tons per month.

Almost 45% of Ukrainian exports of nitrogen fertilizers in 2021 went to the EU. In the current conditions, the countries of the European Union will have to look for other sources of nitrogen fertilizers supplies.

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