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The funds are transferred to the Ministry of Economy for the provision of non-refundable grants

The Cabinet of Ministers provided the Ministry of Economy with UAH 44.4 million in non-refundable grants for the creation of new processing enterprises. This was reported by a representative of the Cabinet of Ministers Taras Melnychuk on his Telegram channel .

The Government made the relevant decision at a meeting on Tuesday, August 9.

“The Ministry of Economy has been allocated UAH 44.37 million under the budget program “Grants for the creation or development of businesses” with the aim of irrevocable state aid to business entities in the form of grants for the creation or development of processing enterprises,” the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers said.

As the first vice-prime minister – the minister of economy Julia Svyridenko reports, the allocated funds will be directed to:

  • launch of a wire production line, which will meet domestic demand;
  • expanding the production of children’s toys, which will make it possible to create new jobs for the residents of the community;
  • purchase of modern equipment to expand the production of meat and sausage products;
  • acquisition of an electro-optical sorting line for processing and canning of fruits and vegetables.

Implementation of the first projects in the field of processing will provide employment for 150 people.


As GMK Center reported earlier, at the beginning of June, the Cabinet of Ministers on behalf of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi started the development of the grant program to support small and medium-sized businesses. The ministries received the task to work and submit proposals for consideration.

Already at the end of the month, the Government launched a grant program for processing industry. The Cabinet of Ministers will provide up to UAH 8 million in non-refundable aid to those who already have a business in this area, or to those who want to launch new projects.