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The company plans to enter the US market

Stalkanat plant in Odesa, despite the hostilities, is working at 75% its capacity. It also to appeal the United States for the abolishment of the previously imposed tariffs, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

According to the CEO of the plant Serhiy Lavrynenko, now the plant is loaded with 75% of its capacity and 90% of the products are exported. He added that the products are supplied mainly to the EU by road, although logistics costs have almost doubled.

Serhiy Lavrynenko noted that despite the abolition of 25% US and EU tariffs, 19.32% anti-dumping measures on supplies to the US are already there. The company is working to diversify supplies.

“We are making efforts to abolish the anti-dumping duty on supplies to the United States,” said Serhiy Lavrynenko.

Answering questions about the Ukrainian market, the top manager noted that now, during the war, demand for products has fallen sharply due to the shutdown of steel companies. Serhiy Lavrynenko also pointed to the government’s positive decision to refund VAT on exports.

Earlier GMK Center reported that Stalkanat in 2021 increased the shipment of hardware by 26.4% compared to 2020, to 91 thousand tons.