The main areas of aid are support for the Armed Forces, humanitarian support for the civilian population, communities and defenders of Mariupol

SCM businesses, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and Shakhtar football club have already donated UAH 9 billion (over $258 million) to help the country, the military and civilians over the 27 months of the full-scale invasion. This is stated in a press release by Metinvest.Media.

The main areas of assistance include support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, humanitarian support for civilians, communities and defenders of Mariupol.

The assistance to Ukraine’s defenders is being implemented as part of the Steel Front military project. Security forces from across the country regularly receive ammunition, vehicles, ambulances for military medics, underground shelters and mine trawls manufactured and developed by Metinvest, drones, thermal imagers, electronic warfare equipment, scopes, radios, cameras, clothing and footwear, body armor made of our own steel, first aid kits and turnstiles, fuel and other necessary items.

An additional UAH 1 billion has been allocated for the project to support the defenders of Mariupol, the Heart of Azovstal. The defenders and their families are being supported under seven programs. In particular, last November, the «At Home» program was launched to help defenders of the city with disability groups I and II receive their own housing. It is planned to purchase 100 apartments in 2024.

SCM’s businesses and projects provide systematic humanitarian aid to civilian Ukrainians in the frontline areas and de-occupied regions. People receive food, household items, medicines, hygiene products, etc. In the cities where the company operates, it also takes care of shelters and shelters, hospitals, light and water sources, etc. Support is provided to local administrations and utilities.

Since the beginning of the war, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation has donated 700 thousand medicines to Ukrainians and more than 13 million food packages since 2014. It has launched new projects to help rehabilitate children and adults affected by shelling. It provides heaters and assistance in arranging dormitories for Mariupol residents in Dnipro.

The Shakhtar football club also provides systematic assistance to athletes, IDPs, members of the Ukrainian defense forces and residents of the war-affected regions. Since the beginning of the year, the club has allocated over UAH 9 million to help the military, civilians and children.

In 2023, Metinvest Group, including its associates and joint ventures, paid UAH 14.6 billion in taxes and fees to the budgets of all levels in Ukraine. The largest contributions included a unified social contribution (USC) of UAH 3.3 billion, income tax of UAH 3.2 billion and personal income tax of over UAH 3 billion.

In addition, since the beginning of the full-scale war, Metinvest has donated over UAH 4.8 billion to help Ukraine and its citizens, including over UAH 2.5 billion to the army as part of the Steel Front military initiative.