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Incomes of employees grew only at pipe companies

In April 2021, average salaries in Ukraine’s mining & metals sector declined in most segments. Incomes of employees grew only at pipe companies, according to the data presented by the Trade Union of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine (TUMMU).

In April , average salaries in the mining & metals sector were as follows:

  • coke industry — ₴17.8 thousand (-18.4%);
  • iron and steel industry — ₴18.6 thousand (-16%);
  • mining companies — ₴18.6 thousand (-9.5%);
  • non-ferrous metals industry — ₴11.9 thousand (-0.7%);
  • entire steel industry — ₴17 thousand (-13.1%).

In April, the average salary in industry was ₴14.5 thousand (-3.5%) against Ukraine’s average of ₴13.5 thousand (-0.5%).

As reported earlier, in 2020, average salaries in Ukraine’s mining & metals sector increased in almost all segments against 2019.  The average salary in the steel industry increased by 3.1% over the year, while salaries at pipe and non-ferrous metals companies slightly decreased.