By 2025, the company intends to install a cooling unit on a thick sheet mill

Romania’s largest sheet steel producer Liberty Galati, a subsidiary of British steel producer Liberty Steel Group, has announced plans to invest 150 million lei (€30 million) in improving product quality and expanding its portfolio of high-value-added products. This is stated in the press release.

The funds will be used for the purchase and installation of an accelerated cooling unit for thick sheet steel. The unit will allow the company to strengthen its presence in the most profitable market segments, increase productivity and expand its product portfolio, in particular, for the shipbuilding and construction industries.

“This state-of-the-art sheet steel cooling system represents another milestone in Liberty Galati’s strategy to expand its portfolio of high value-added products and increase production flexibility and profitability. An integrated cooling system is essential for the modern sheet steel mills we have in the plant to produce high strength steel grades. They require higher production speed and better cooling», commented Sandeep Biswas, CEO of LIBERTY Primary Steel & Mining.

According to him, the project is planned to be completed in 2024 in cooperation with Primetals Technologies.

Liberty Galati’s thick sheet mill currently produces sheets up to 4,000 mm wide and 180 mm thick, as well as thermo-mechanically treated steel grades. The unit is also equipped with a hot leveling machine, testing and marking machines.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Liberty Galati invested $8.9 million in installation of a new modern pipe coating lines at its Liberty Tubular Products Galati plant. As of May 2023, the unit was at the stage of production tests. Its annual production capacity is 100,000 tons of products per year.