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At the same time, 72% of companies moved within Ukraine, and 17% – both in the country and abroad

11% of Ukrainian businesses have completely relocated their facilities abroad. At the same time, 72% of companies moved within Ukraine, and 17% – both in the country and abroad, according to the Gradus company research.

More than half of businesses have already relocated or are planning to relocate and are preparing for it. 22% of companies are working as before, and 19% have temporarily stopped their activities.

62% of businesses, which relocated abroad, moved to the EU actually. To other European countries – 15%, Asian countries – 15%, North American countries – 8%, and CIS countries – 8%.

Those moving to the EU mostly choose Poland (63%) and Germany (25%), as well as Belgium, Bulgaria and Estonia.

At the same time, 48% of company owners and managers believe that their business does not need relocation, and they work in the same geography where they worked before the war.

12% of surveyed companies assured that they have completely or partially relocated their business. Another 20% are currently in the process of relocation. 18% of surveyed enterprises need relocation and are planning it, but it has not started yet.

Gradus used the method of self-filling the questionnaire in the mobile application conducted the survey. Period: July 5-6, 2022. Sample size: 104 respondents.

Earlier GMK Center reported that the Ministry of Social Policy offered to provide, at the level of EU legislation, the preservation of tax residency of Ukraine for Ukrainians and displaced companies from Ukraine that left to the EU countries.

At the same time, Dragos Pislaru, head of the European Parliament’s committee on employment and social issues, noted that these issues can be resolved at the EU level.

According to Advanter Group’s research, at the beginning of May, 4.4% of enterprises completely or mainly moved their business outside of Ukraine. And a total of 12.6% had at least a partial relocation abroad.