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Railway of Moldova

The restoration of the section Abaklia – Chadyr-Lunga has begun at the Tygin-Basarabiaska-Djurdzhulesti section

State Enterprise “Railway of Moldova” (CFM MD) is repairing the Tygin-Basarabiaska-Djurdzhulesti railway line on the border with Ukraine. Rail.Insider reports about it.

Geological studies have been completed at the site, work is underway to survey railroad tracks, install markers, replace fasteners, and lay new reinforced concrete sleepers.

In particular, the first works on the section of the Abaklia-Chadyr-Lunga railway have started.

“To date, 6,400 reinforced concrete sleepers and 10,000 sets of their fastening have been received. Despite the logistical difficulties and the instability of commodity prices, all materials and special equipment are delivered on time, which does not violate the terms of the project,” the contracting company reports.

An open tender for the selection of a contractor was organized for the repair of the Tygina-Basarabiaska-Djurdzhulesti railway line. In 2020, the EBRD and the EIB recognized the Kazakh company as the winner. According to the contractual conditions, the company will restore the 233 km long line in 4 years.

After the completion of the project, it will be possible to remove weight and speed restrictions on the railway section. The speed of freight trains will increase to 90 km/h, for passenger trains – to 120 km/h. The total cost of the project is about €113 million.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ukraine and Moldova signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of railway communication between the countries. In mid-August 2022, Ukraine and Moldova finished the recovery of sections of the railway connection between the stations Berezino (Ukraine) – Bessarabka (Moldova) bypassing the self-proclaimed Transnistria. The launch of the first trains was scheduled for August 22, 2022.

Thanks to the reconstruction of this track, Moldova plans to export and import goods through the Ukrainian port of Izmail on the Danube. Ukraine, in turn, will be able to establish exports to Moldova and the European Union.