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Currently, the company plans to produce up to 5 thousand tons of products monthly, and by the end of 2024 to reach 100 thousand tons/year

A new producer of pre-painted galvanized steel (PPGI) has appeared in Ukraine with facilities in Bila Tserkva, Kiev region. This is reported by Kallanish with the reference to company’s information.

The company started production in August 2023 after being relocated from Kharkiv as a result of the Russian invasion.

“We had a few weeks left before the launch of production in Kharkiv, but the Russian invasion adjusted plans. As a result, we had to quickly move capacities under the relocation program to the Kyiv region,” comments a company representative.

The plant is equipped with a coating line from the Australian company Bronx Group. The annual capacity of the unit reaches 100 thousand tons.

Currently, the company plans to produce up to 5 thousand tons of products per month, and by the end of 2024 to reach full capacity. The main sales market for the company’s rolled steel products is the domestic market, but Polysteel intends to supply products to European consumers as well.

The raw material for production will be Turkish galvanized coil. The company clarifies that, despite the blockade of Ukrainian seaports, steel supplies from Turkiye continue uninterrupted.

As GMK Center reported earlier, consumption of galvanized steel in Ukraine in 2022 decreased by 44% y/y – to 172 thousand tons (in 2021 – 308 thousand tons). At the same time, domestic production of galvanized steel decreased by 74% y/y last year – to 127 thousand tons (in 2021 – 493 thousand tons).

Exports of galvanized steel from Ukraine fell by 85% y/y last year – to 42 thousand tons (in 2021 – 277 thousand tons). Imports of galvanizing in 2022 grew by 27% y/y – up to 84 thousand tons.

In January-March 2023, Ukraine increased imports of galvanized steel twice compared to the same period in 2022 – up to 48.1 thousand tons. Turkiye was the largest supplier – 16.9 thousand tons of products.