The company purchased 10,000 tons of bulletproof vests abroad

Metinvest Group is going to allocate 900 tons of steel for free to produce approximately 80,000 body armors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the Territorial Defense. It is stated in the press release of the company in the Telegram channel.

In addition, the company purchased 10,000 tons of bulletproof vests abroad. At the moment, 90 thousand body armor will cover a significant part of the military needs.

Metinvest-SMC was the first one in Ukraine, who systematically imported steel for armor plates. But with the outbreak of the war, logistic chains were disrupted, which led to shortage of imported metal. Therefore, the group started its own production”, the message says.

Companies that specialize in producing armored steel have already received 250 tons of metals produced in Ukraine, and abroad.

In addition, the company produced around 50 thousand anti-tank hedgehogs, 20 thousand traffic spikes, and also transferred over 110 pieces of equipment, and 40 thousand liters of fuel to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Group also purchased 8.1 thousand helmets, about 25 thousand turnstiles, and first aid kits, 1.1 thousand infrared thermal imaging cameras.

As a reminder, earlier Metinvest allocated €10 million to purchase protective equipment in war conditions: bulletproof vests, helmets, and first aid kits. The company also transferred $500,000 for the purchase of protective ammunition, and first aid kits for the Territorial Defense of the Zaporizhzhiya.