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Ferriera Valsider and Metinvest Trametal operate as normal

The Metinvest Group fully resumed operations at its Italian plants, Ferriera Valsider and Metinvest Trametal.

Earlier, operations of the rolling facilities were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic,

according to a message posted on the Group’s website.

Ferriera Valsider launched facilities on 30 April, and Metinvest Trametal on 12 April.

Once demand for metal products is recovered, the plants’ inventory of semi-finished products will enable operations to be resumed at a usual pace, Metinvest says.

The Group estimates production in May at 32 thousand tons of rolled products at Ferriera Valsider and at 40 thousand tons of rolled products at Metinvest Trametal.

On 4 May, the Italian government’s decree on freezing all non-essential business activity,

including operations of steelmaking companies, due to the coronavirus outbreak was terminated. The only exception was production of metal products for industries essential for the country’s economy.

For this reason, Metinvest Trametal partly resumed operations in mid-April.