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It is expected that the total capacity of production sites will be up to 35 thousand tons per year

Metinvest Group unites the Zaporizhia Foundry and Mechanical Plant (ZLMZ) and the Kryvyi Rih Repair and Mechanical Plant (KRMZ) into a single specialized enterprise – the Zaporizhia Foundry and Mechanical Plant with branches in Zaporizhia, Kryvyi Rih and Kamiansk. This is stated in the message on the ZLMZ page.

The company started the merger process in April 2023. As part of the integration, they plan to increase the efficiency of repair and production capacities, effectively distributing orders between the cities of the group’s presence, and to maintain production in conditions of full-scale war.

KRMZ and ZLMZ had a successful experience of cooperation in mastering the assortment of spare parts and expanding repair services, which contributes to the integration process. In particular, the enterprises jointly set up the production of butars for mining and processing plants, worked on the production of stainless and tool steel forgings.

The head of the newly formed enterprise became the acting CEO of the Zaporizhzhia Foundry and Mechanical Plant Ihor Dolgozvyago.

“We will significantly expand the range of products and the range of repair services and fully meet the needs for replacement equipment and spare parts that Metinvest previously purchased from third-party producers. The combined capacity of ZLMZ production sites in Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih and Kamianske will be up to 35,000 tons per year,” he said.

For the employees of the two enterprises, the established salary level, bonus system, benefits under collective agreements will be maintained, and the location of workplaces will remain unchanged.

The Zaporizhzhia Foundry and Mechanical Plant was established in 2016 on the basis of the mechanical, foundry and steel construction shop capacities of Zaporizhstal. The enterprise produces a wide range of products for steel, coke-chemical, mining and processing and coal mining enterprises of the group.

The Kryvyi Rih Mechanical Repair Plant became part of the group in 2016. Currently, the company produces and repairs equipment for Metinvest’s mining and steel enterprises. The plant produces parts from more than 40 grades of steel and alloys, assembles and welds products from sheet and grade rolled products.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in 2022, ZLMZ set up 1114 new types of products and services. Among the most important directions, the company singles out the production of butars for minings, blast furnace and open-hearth blast furnaces, pig iron plates, and blast furnace refrigerators. In addition, ZCMP provided steel constructions for mine shaft reinforcement for Pokrovske mine management.

Also, KRMZ in January 2023 produced four collectors for the Central GOK. This equipment is used in the concentrate production process and is one of the main components of the hydrocyclone battery.