Mines of the combine exceeded the plan by 3.2 thousand tons, despite the fact that each of them suffered from a lack of personnel

In September 2023, Manganets Mining and Processing Plant (Manganets GOK) extracted more than 29.5 thousand tons of raw manganese ore, exceeding the monthly plan by 3.2 thousand tons or 12.2%. This is stated in the press release.

«Currently, Manganets GOK somewhat reduced its production capacity, but this did not prevent it from showing a good result in September, especially from raw manganese ore extraction. The mines showed a good result, despite the fact that each of them suffered from a lack of personnel,» the report says.

Mine №3/5 exceeded the plan by 1.14 thousand tons in September. 4.14 thousand tons of raw manganese ore were extracted from the underground, compared to the planned 3 thousand (138%). Mine №9/10 extracted 9.42 thousand tons of ore, exceeding the plan by 10.9%. The team of mine №14/15 released 16.01 thousand tons of ore, which is 25.5% more than the planned figure.

Throughout September, the 5,000-strong rotary complex was under repair, because of this, the plan for the conveyor opening at the Hrushivskyi quarry was not implemented.

Also, in the last week of September, repair work was carried out on the quarry’s walking excavators. On machines №69 and №116, work was carried out on the installation of a water pipe on road №6 with the replacement of the engine of the pumping unit. At machines №138 – arrangement of the track, tightening of the rail wheel, and machines №67 and №395 were preparing for the transition to the parking lot.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in 2022 Marganets GOK reduced production of manganese concentrate by 41.2% compared to 2021 – up to 324,000 tons. Almost all production plans were adjusted due to the fact that many workers of the combine, especially miners of cleaning slaughters, were mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Marganets GOK is the only mining and processing plant in Ukraine and the CIS that mines manganese underground. In the developed eastern part of the Nikopol manganese ore deposit (in the Grushevsko-Basansky area), the plant receives up to 80% of its production.

The plant consists of five mines, two open pits (Basanskyi and Grushevskyi), a processing plant and a chemical equipment research industrial complex.