During the repair process, defects and accuracy checks were carried out in accordance with all standards

The 3М175 grinding machine, which had been idle for more than five years, was restored in the mechanical assembly shop of Metinvest Kryvyi Rih Machining and Repair Plant (KMRP). The company reported about it on its Facebook group.

The repair of the machine was carried out by specialists’ own forces, the experts restored the nodes and parts. The restoration of this equipment will reduce the load on the small lathe park, increase the quality of products for the assembly of parts, the bucket and the processing of bushings. In the process of repair, specialists performed defect detection and accuracy checks according to all standards.

Further plans include restoration of the internal grinding machine, which has been idle for more than 7 years.

As GMK Center reported earlier, at the end of August 2022, KMRP launched the MA4134A pneumatic hammer in the steel construction shop, the operation of which was suspended 10 years ago. This unit is intended for the production of various configurations forgings by the method of free forging on flat and shaped strikers. Thanks to the resumption of the unit’s operation, the plant will be able to expand the range and volumes of manufactured products.

As GMK Center wrote before, KMRP carried out major repairs of a 20-ton electric bridge crane at the heat treatment section of the steel casting workshop. In particular, specialists updated the crane control system and replaced cable materials.