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The company has fulfilled the requirements of the relevant technical specifications of interoperability (TSI) in force in the EU countries

Kryukiv Carriage Works (KCW) became the first enterprise in Ukraine to receive the right to produce freight railcars for the 1435 mm gauge. This is stated in the message of KCW.

The company has fulfilled the requirements of the relevant technical specifications for interoperability (TSI) in force in the EU.

The company’s specialists, in accordance with European standards, have created an intermodal platform car of the Sggrss 80′ type for the transportation of containers. Two prototypes were produced and tested at testing grounds in EU countries. The certificates received are included in the database of the European Railway Agency (ERA) and confirm that all applicable requirements have been met.

«The new products will allow KVBZ to expand sales markets and meet the needs of companies from EU countries, as well as UZ and other Ukrainian operators operating on the 1435 mm track,» the message states.

The company noted that the railcars have been verified for operation on the entire EU railroad network.

In 2021, the company began developing railcars that meet EU standards. The first car produced was an 80-foot articulated platform Sggrss. Last summer, KCW announced that it had completed testing of a new model of platform car for the EU market.

As GMK Center reported earlier, a 1435 mm wide euro gauge is to be built on the railway section from Mostyska station, which is located on the border with Poland, to Lviv (Sknyliv). The modernization will take place with the participation of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). A further development project will include connecting the European gauge with Uzhhorod, Kovel, Chernivtsi, and at a later stage – with Kyiv and eastern Ukraine.