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The key task was to carry out a major overhaul of the car dumper in a short period of time

Kametstal Iron and Steel Works carried out a major overhaul of the car dumper in the coal preparation shop. The unit is designed for unloading railcars with coal concentrate. This is stated in the press release of enterprise.

«The company’s coke production begins with the uninterrupted operation of the railcar tipper, which is the most important technological element in the process of preparing raw materials for coke production. This equipment ensures a full cycle of unloading wagons with coal concentrate with minimal labor involvement,» the message says.

Due to the intensive use of the large-sized platform, the overhaul of the car tipper is due every 5 years.

The key task was to overhaul the car tipper in a short time to minimize the downtime of raw material railcars. The most significant part of the work was the replacement of the mechanisms for moving and turning the cradles, as well as the tipper’s spacer structures, and restoring them to their design position.

«The completed set of works will make it possible to extend the overhaul period of the car tipper, and thanks to the reliable operation of the equipment, the speed of unloading cars will increase, which will save money by reducing their downtime,» the plant summarizes.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal recently completed overhaul of converter No. 1. At the final stage, one of the key components of the unit was replaced – the bearing of the non-drive trunnion. This part weighing 5.4 tons ensures the rotation of the converter housing during the technological process of steel smelting.