The company has already concluded an agreement for the supply of environmentally friendly steel to the Mercedes-Benz automobile company

Arvedi, one of the largest producers of flat rolled products in Italy, launched the production of Arvzero products – steel with zero CO2 emissions. CEO of the company Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo stated it at the Made in Steel conference in Milan.

“From today, all the steel produced by Arvedi site in Cremona has been certificated for being with zero emissions of CO2 for scope 1 and scope 2,” he commented.

The Arvedi plant in Cremona, in northeastern Italy, specializes in the production of steel coils. The company produces products using a patented technology that significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Over the past few years, the company has invested around €500 million to reduce Scope 1 emissions to 133 kg/mt. Scope 2 emissions have reached zero. Arvedi is still working on significantly reducing Scope 3 emissions, as well as decarbonizing other divisions.

“More and more steel consumers want to buy environmentally friendly Arvedi products. In particular, an agreement was just concluded with Mercedes-Benz,” Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo noted.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Italy in March 2023 increased production volumes of steel by 2.6% compared to the same month of 2022 – up to 2.18 million tons. The production of flat products decreased by 7.1% y/y – to 917,000 tons, and graded rolled products – increased by 3.3% y/y, to 1.3 million tons.

In January-March 2023, Italy reduced steel production by 6% compared to the same period in 2022 – to 5.63 million tons.