«Интерпайп» выделил 36 млн грн на поддержку медучреждений (c) Interpipe «Интерпайп» выделил 36 млн грн на поддержку медучреждений (c) Interpipe

The Company purchased a large batch of individual protective means for doctors of Dnipro and of the oblast

Interpipe, a Ukrainian industrial company, allocated ₴36 million to purchase a batch of individual protective means (IPM) for doctors in Dnipropetrovsk oblast,

according to the Company’s website.

“We bring to Dnipropetrovsk oblast thousands of high-quality IPM from one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in China. Almost 20% of coronavirus diseased are doctors. Our task is to protect medical personnel of the oblast and meet their need for protective means,” comments Fadi Hraibi, Interpipe CEO.

The Company purchased 34.3 thousand bioprotective suits, 23.3 thousand insulating gowns, 66 thousand high-grade respirators and 27 thousand medical surgical masks. The supply weight totals 16 tons.

Next week, individual protective means will start to be transferred to hospitals of Dnipro and of the oblast.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ukrainian companies of various sectors and sizes got actively involved in a nationwide fight against the coronavirus spread. The total amount of financial aid of domestic businesses transferred to central and regional anti-crisis headquarters and funds exceeded ₴1 billion as of 10 April.

All mining & metals companies deliberately refused to use tax holidays to ensure the stability of local budgets. For instance, Interpipe will channel the saved amount worth ₴17 million to the anti-crisis program to combat the coronavirus.

In early April, the Company handed over the first batch of equipment and protective means to doctors and ambulance teams of Dnipro, Nikopol and Novomoskovsk. The batch consists of medical equipment, protective means and disinfectants.