To strengthen the work of the drilling site, the company repaired the equipment of the Atlas Copco PV No. 28 drilling rig

Ingulets Mining and Processing Plant (Ingulets GOK) started 2024 with a gradual increase in ore mining and concentrate production. This is stated in a press release by Metinvest.Media.

In line with the intensification of technological processes, the company is carrying out major repairs of machinery and equipment. In particular, to enhance the drilling site’s performance, engineering specialists performed a number of necessary repairs on the Atlas Copco PV No. 28 drilling rig.

A high-pressure hose was replaced in the unit’s hydraulic system to improve the efficiency of controlling and driving various equipment components. An important stage of the repair was the installation of a new water pump that supplies water, creates pressure and cools the equipment during drilling. New hydraulic filters were also installed to protect the system from contamination and extend its service life.

The repaired rig has already been put into operation. The well penetration rate has increased to 9 m per hour in particularly hard rocks of the Ingulets field. In total, the depth of the wells drilled in the open pit reaches 30 meters.

Currently, 10 drilling rigs are involved in the successful implementation of production plans at Ingulets GOK.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in early September 2023, Ingulets GOK received a permit to conduct blasting operations in the open pit for a period of five years. Carrying out these works without contractors will save the company almost UAH 0.5 million.