The project can become an alternative option for trade relations between states

Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of Greece Christ Staikouras made a political initiative to create a railway connection to connect Greece, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania with Ukraine. Greek Oikonomikos Tacydromos informs about it.

The issue was raised during the summit in Varna, which took place in early October.

In particular, Hristos Staikouras proposed launching a train as part of the European Solidarity Paths to diversify trade ties between Mediterranean ports and Ukraine.

He sent a letter of intent to European Transport Commissioner Adina Valean, Bulgarian Finance Minister Assen Vasilev, Bulgarian Transport and Communications Minister Giorgi Gvozdiykov and Romanian Transport and Infrastructure Minister Sorin Grindian.

At the first, pilot stage, the train will connect the Greek ports of Alexandroupolis and Thessaloniki with the ports of Ruse in Bulgaria and Constanta in Romania, as well as with Moldova and Ukraine.

Initiative, the publication notes, was put forward in connection with the fact that the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine created economic problems that affect the integrity of supply chains and the energy security of states. At the same time, there is a significant need to diversify freight routes and connections.

According to Staikouros, this project can become an alternative in trade relations between states, strengthening transport connections and international cargo transportation.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ukraine and Lithuania agreed on further development of transport between countries. In September, during the meeting of the intergovernmental position, the parties discussed the main areas of work. In particular, it was about the development of new cargo transportation routes through the territory of Poland, which will make it possible to increase the cargo flow and expand the nomenclature of railway cargo between Ukraine and Lithuania.