Объем выполненных строительных работ в марте сократился на 9,6%(с) shutterstock

The share of new construction in the total construction output amounted to 44.5%

In March 2021, Ukrainian companies reduced the construction output by 9.6% against March last year, and by 0.3% against February this year, according to the State Statistics Service.

In January–March, Ukrainian companies cut the construction output by 12.3% against the same period a year earlier. In monetary terms, it amounted to ₴26.3 billion.

In Q1 2021, the residential construction output increased by 1.4%, whereas the engineering construction and non-residential construction outputs shrank by 19.1% and 12.3% respectively.

The share of new construction in the total construction output was 44.5%, repair 27.9%, reconstruction and technical re-equipment 27.6%.

In January–March, a growth in the construction output against the same period of 2020 was recorded in:

  • Rivne oblast — ₴528 million (+29.2%);
  • Ternopil oblast — ₴501.3 million (+9.2%);
  • Sumy oblast — ₴161.1 million (+3.5%);
  • Kharkiv oblast — ₴3.3 billion (+4.7%);
  • Khmelnytskyi oblast — ₴668.1 million (+40.8%).

Other oblasts reported a decline in the construction output. In Kyiv, it fell by 16% to ₴6.2 billion.

As reported earlier, in 2020, Ukrainian companies increased the construction output by 4% against 2019. The volume of manufactured construction products totaled ₴199 billion.

The residential construction output dropped by 18.5%, while the engineering construction output increased by 14.8%. The non-residential construction output decreased by 2.7%.