The retrial was initiated in the fall of 2022, the parties were supposed to submit arguments in January 2023

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has extended the reinvestigation of Turkish rebar imports to determine normal values ​​and prices. SteelOrbis informs about it.

The investigation was supposed to end on April 4, 2023, no new deadlines have been announced.

According to the CBSA, the reason for the delay was the complexity of the case. CBSA started re-investigation in September 2022, the Parties were to submit arguments in January 2023.

The scope of the investigation covers rebar imports from Turkiye of various diameters up to 56.4 mm with various finishes, and excludes plain round bar and finished epoxy-coated rebar.

The first investigation into dumping and subsidizing these products was opened in the summer of 2014 in response to a complaint by Canadian producers ArcelorMittal LCNA, Gerdau Longsteel North America and Alta Steel. It was about imports from China, South Korea and Turkiye. In addition, a review of Turkish rebar was conducted in 2020.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in March 2023 Canada banned the import of aluminum and steel products from the Russian Federation. In 2021, the country imported $213 million worth of Russian steel products. The ban applies to all aluminum products of the Russian Federation, including raw and sheet aluminum, as well as finished products, including dishes and other household goods. Also all primary Russian steel products, including pig iron and non-alloy steel, semi-finished products and finished products such as pipes are covered by the ban.

Also, the Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) called the Canadian federal government to act quickly to protect the competitiveness of the country’s steel industry and save jobs. The association noted the growth of offshore imports into Canadian steel markets, as well as the actions of the country’s key partners to support their industry.