Rio Tinto to receive $13.4 million for decarbonization from the Canadian government

The funds are intended to support the decarbonization of iron ore processing at the Labrador West facility
Canada will require importers to provide information on the country of steel smelting and casting

In this way, the country increases the transparency of supply chains of steel products
Canadian business is evaluating the possibility of investment in the logistics of Ukraine

Among the main directions are railway transportation and modernization of Black Sea ports
Glencore has led a $9 billion deal to buy Teck’s coal division

The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2024
H2 Green Steel is studying the possibility of building a plant in Canada

The potential project will require investments of €3.2-6 billion
Canada continued the abolition of customs duties on the import of Ukrainian goods

The duty-free import regime, in particular, applies to steel and goods whose supply is regulated by quotas
Ukraine counts on further liberalization of market access in Canada

The parties discussed the signing of an updated Free Trade Agreement
Ukraine and Canada update the free trade agreement

Countries are expanding opportunities for enterprises that have not only Ukrainian, but also foreign components in their products
Canada continued its investigation into Turkish rebar

The retrial was initiated in the fall of 2022, the parties were supposed to submit arguments in January 2023
Canada has provided $26 billion in tax incentives for green investments

The benefits will be attractive to investors in new, developing industries
Canada introduced a ban on aluminum and steel import from the Russian Federation

In 2021, the country imported $213 million worth of Russian steel products
Canada’s steelmakers are calling on the government to support the industry

The share of offshore imports to the country increased by 20% from 2014 to 2022

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