Canada continued the abolition of customs duties on the import of Ukrainian goods

The duty-free import regime, in particular, applies to steel and goods whose supply is regulated by quotas
Ukraine counts on further liberalization of market access in Canada

The parties discussed the signing of an updated Free Trade Agreement
Ukraine and Canada update the free trade agreement

Countries are expanding opportunities for enterprises that have not only Ukrainian, but also foreign components in their products
Canada continued its investigation into Turkish rebar

The retrial was initiated in the fall of 2022, the parties were supposed to submit arguments in January 2023
Canada has provided $26 billion in tax incentives for green investments

The benefits will be attractive to investors in new, developing industries
Canada introduced a ban on aluminum and steel import from the Russian Federation

In 2021, the country imported $213 million worth of Russian steel products
Canada’s steelmakers are calling on the government to support the industry

The share of offshore imports to the country increased by 20% from 2014 to 2022

ArcelorMittal SA and Sasol have joined forces to produce green steel

The largest industrial companies in South Africa aim to achieve zero carbon emissions in the production by 2050

ArcelorMittal has launched a decarbonisation project at a plant in Canada

Construction of new assets will be completed in 2026

Ukraine received a $350 million loan from Canada

The total amount of financial aid to Ukraine from Canada since the beginning of the war has reached $1.2 billion

Canada blocked $320 million of Russian assets within existing sanctions

The total amount of blocked assets is hundreds of billions of dollars

Canada introduced a new package of sanctions against Russia

Base metals production, land transport, pipelines, and other industries fell under the restrictions

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