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145 tons of metal structures, column foundations, floor slabs, wall filling, windows and lighting system were restored

ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih repaired the gallery of the bulk materials supply tract in the converter shop. This is stated in the press release of Metalurg newspaper.

The shop has a complex of conveyors that supply lime, dolomite and coal to the converters. Among the main conveyors are No. 3 and No. 3a. These units transport materials from minus 2 m to 32 m. The length of the gallery where these conveyors are installed is 216 meters. Repair work lasted almost a year.

During the repair, specialists restored the foundations of the columns on which the gallery is supported, repaired the metal structures of the columns, and the stairs of the emergency descent. During the repair, 145 tons of metal structures were manufactured and installed.

In addition, 500 square meters of reinforced concrete floor slabs were restored, and another 90 sq. m – replaced with new ones. Filling of walls, roof with an area of ​​1275 square meter, new metal-plastic windows were also restored and a lighting system was installed.

To keep the gallery in order for longer, an anti-corrosion coating was applied on a surface with a total area of ​​more than 4200 square meters.

“We service and repair conveyor equipment in this gallery. It used to be a little scary to go in there, but I was ready to work inside. One eye looked at what to do, and the other – for something did not fall or fail. Now it’s a different matter. In such conditions, there is a desire to work, and the quality depends on the desire,” said Dmytro Muzychenko, mechanic-repairman of the converter workshop.

As GMK Center reported earlier, previously ArcelorMittal carried out major repairs of generator GP-4000 of the skip lifting machine. The repair was carried out during the temporary shutdown of the metallurgical redistribution. The equipment is located in the mine at a depth of 1,000 m.