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Repair of tracks in the sinter shop No. 1 will allow the unit to work stably and without unscheduled stops

ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih completed the repair of loading railway tracks No. 3-4 in the sinter shop No. 1. This is stated in press release of newspaper “Metallurg”.

“Railway lines are an integral part of the sinter production process and have a special purpose.  On them the finished products, in this case agglomerate, are loaded into railway cars,” the report says.

Due to old age and significant wear and tear, this section was a bottleneck in the sinter shop No. 1, through which the railcars left. This, in turn, caused the workshop’s sintering machines to stop, since the produced sinter must be immediately shipped and sent for further use.

So, during the forced shutdown of sinter shop No. 1, the workshop workers, together with contractors, dismantled the old tracks, prepared a place for laying a new railway track, and mounted a new one.

In general, almost 350 m of two railway tracks and more than 600 wooden sleepers were renewed in the workshop.

As GMK Center reported earlier, ArcelorMittal resumed after long downtime the work of the small-sized unit DS-250-5 for the production of fittings. On July 7, the heating of the furnace began, and on July 11, the first product was already received at the mill.

ArcelorMittal since July 2022 transfered a significant part of employees, including top management and foreign workers, by 2/3 of the workload due to the inability to pay salaries in full.

Before this plant completed the reconstruction slag yard No. 1 of the converter shop. As a result, the workshop actually received a new slag yard with new equipment and a comfortable change house.