Units are decommissioned to improve the environment in the region

ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih will begin the process of shutting down coke batteries №1-2 from October 10, 2022. This was stated by the CEO of the plant Mauro Longobardo in his address to the employees, reports newspaper Metalurg.

The relevant decision was made to improve the environment in the region. Due to their respectable age, these batteries have been a cause of concern for the residents of Kryvyi Rih and environmental protection organizations for a long time.

“The shutdown of coke batteries №1-2 will comply with our obligations established in the environmental programs of Kryvyi Rih and Dnipropetrovsk region, and will also allow to significantly reduce emissions of pollutants into the environment,” the CEO notes.

Coke production will take place at coke batteries №5-6, which are modern and comply with environmental standards.

“The new batteries are more gas-tight, which eliminates the gas losses that were on the old batteries, and the level of dustiness and gassiness of the air in the working area has been reduced by 30%. The use of modern technologies also makes it possible to improve working conditions and workplace safety,” the message reads.

The plant will make every effort to employ employees whose positions are subject to reduction due to the closure of coke batteries №1-2.

As GMK Center reported earlier, ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih begins the process of putting into operation the complex of coke batteries №5 and №6. Since October 6, both units has started working after a forced shutdown in March.