Sukha Balka GOK (Mining and Processing Plant)

Sukha Balka mines iron ore using the underground method at two mines: Yuvileyna (reserves of rich iron ore — 44.9 million tons) and Frunze (reserves of rich iron ore — 14.2 million tons). Yuvileyna mine is shafted by 1,210 meters, Frunze mine by 1,370 meters.

The company produces 56% to 64% Fe sinter ore. More than 60% of its products are shipped to the domestic market. The rest is exported to Europe.

Since 2017, Sukha Balka is part of the DCH Group.

Location: Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk oblast, Ukraine
Shareholders: The DCH Group
Markets: Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia
Products: Sinter iron ore

Production capacity

Iron ore mining Yuvileyna mine — 2,430 thousand tons
Frunze mine — 1,285 thousand tons

Staff and wages

Number of employees 3,093
Average wage* UAH 150,000 per annum

* per worker before taxes

Charts and tables

Production results, thousand tons

2012 2608 kt2012
2013 2973 kt2013
2014 2889 kt2014
2015 2810 kt2015
2016 2564 kt2016
2017 2513 kt2017
2018 2725 kt2018

Indicative sales structure by products in 2018

Indicative sales structure by markets in 2018

* structure of sales volumes, metric tons

Financial performance, $ million

EBITDA margin21.3%18.4%3.1%15.1%19.4%
Net income5271-29-6-44
Net income margin13.2%13.2% -8.5% -4.6% -26.8%

Key facts


In 2019, Sukha Balka concluded the contract on sinter ore delivery with Duferco, one of the world leading trading company. Contract value amounted about $93 million.

In 2019, Sukha Balka to invest UAH 137 million into purchase of self-propelled vehicles.

In 2019, Sukha Balka plans to prepare 2 new horizons (1500 and 1580 m) for operations at the Yuvileyna mine.

DCH Steel studies the project of benefication plant construction at Sukha Balka to provide vertical integration with Dnipro Metallurgical Plant.

In 2019, Sukha Balka attracted $30 million credit line at Oschadbank of Ukraine.

In July 2018

Production of 64% Fe commercial ore was launched. Until that time, iron content did not exceed 60%.

In July 2018

A horizon of 1,210 meters was put into operation at Frunze mine.

In November 2017

Sukha Balka extended the licenses for iron ore mining at Yuvileyna and Frunze mines for 20 years.

In May 2017

The DCH Group aсquired Sukha Balka GOK from the Evraz Group for $110 million.

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