Ukraine exports nearly 90% of produced ferroalloys

In 2018, Ukrainian ferroalloy producers increased production by 0.8%, up to 1.035 million tons. Ferromanganese production declined by 30.6%, down to 79.4 thousand tons, whereas silico manganese production grew by 6%, up to 859.6 thousand tons.

In general, Ukraine mostly increased production of ferroalloys in 2015–2018. The highest growth rate of 16.5% was recorded in 2016.

A strong decline, by 5.3 times, in production of manganese sinter ore in 2016 was compensated by the further growth in the following years, up to 196.6 thousand tons. Production of manganese sinter ore in 2015–2018 increased by 26.4%, up to 1.52 million tons.

Ferroalloy export volume in 2018 reduced by 3.5%, down to 904.3 thousand tons. Export value dropped by 12.3%, down to $977.8 million. Europe and Asia are the largest export markets for Ukrainian ferroalloys. European export volume demonstrated an increase — by 3.7%, up to 517.1 thousand tons, while export value declined by 4%, down to $599.9 million. Asian export volume fell by 12.4%, down to 286.6 thousand tons, and its value dropped by 24.2%, down to $279.6 million.

The decrease in exports was triggered by Turkey, the largest importer of Ukrainian ferroalloys. Exports of ferroalloys to Turkey decreased by 40.8%, down to $164 million. Turkey’s share in the total volume of exports of ferroalloys declined from 25% to 16.8%. Exports to Italy remained almost unchanged, $154.3 million. At the same time, its share in the total export volume increased to 15.78%. Sales to the Netherlands grew by 7%, up to $134.2, while their share in the total export volume increased to 13.7%.

The volume of imports of ferroalloys in 2017–2018 almost remained flat, 60.4 thousand tons (+ 2%), though their value increased by 27%, up to $170.5 million.

In 2018, Ukraine imported 938.9 thousand tons of manganese ore worth $182.8. Ghana has long been Ukraine’s main supplier of manganese ore. The three largest exporters are Ghana — 66%, Russia — 15%, and South Africa — 12%.

For more details see infographics of GMK Center.