«Велта» намерена в 2022 году нарастить поставки ильменита в США на 15-23% (c) «Велта»(c) «Велта»

The company also received export licenses for deliveries to the United States.

Production and commercial company Velta resumed the shipment of raw materials from Ukraine. In the social network Facebook CEO and co-owner of the company Andriy Brodsky reported about it.

Velta also received export licenses for deliveries to the United States.

“Velta has received permission to export its own products. Shipping to partners has been resumed. The salary of employees was paid in full for the entire group of companies. Taxes for yesterday amounted to almost UAH 5 million. Paid! VAT is not returned to us. We sell the currency that comes to our accounts to the state 30% cheaper than the market price. Our assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues every day,” Andriy Brodsky wrote.

Also, according to him, the company is facing difficulties in its work.

“And yet, someone doesn’t like all this at all, or vice versa – they really like our company. A very broad campaign is unfolding against the Velta. But I am sure that this is not without the Russians, who are helped by their fans. But we will stand, like all of Ukraine,” Brodsky states, promising to provide more details later.

Earlier Andriy Brodsky stated that the company plans to transport its facilities from the Dnepropetrovsk region.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ukrainian iron&steel enterprises in January-June 2022 reduced export of titanium-containing ores and concentrate by 46.2% compared to the same period in 2021 – up to 157.3 thousand tons.