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Freight transportation

The total volume of transportation for 5 months is 75.4 million tons

In January-May 2024, Ukrainian Railways (UZ) transported 19.3 million tons of iron and manganese ore in all directions. This is stated in the press release of the railway operator.

In general, over 5 months, UZ increased cargo transportation by 30% compared to January-May 2023 – up to 75.4 million tons. Export transportation for the reporting period increased by 57% y/y – to 38 million tons.

“We ensure stable operation and transport commercial cargo in full. According to the results of 5 months, we have quite significant indicators both in total transportation volumes and in the strategic export traffic for the country. In particular, we increased grain exports by 39% compared to last year. We are ready to continue to fully meet the needs of the country’s economy and business in transportation,” said Yevhen Liashchenko, Chairman of the Board of JSC Ukrainian Railways.

In domestic traffic, 32.9 million tons of cargo were transported, up 6.7% y/y, and 4.3 million tons of imported cargo (+68.5% y/y).

Ore is the leader in terms of transportation volume. The company also transported 18.3 million tons of grain, 11.8 million tons of coal, and 10.8 million tons of construction materials.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in 2023, Ukrainian Railways transported 148.4 million tons of cargo, down 1.5%, or 2.2 million tons, compared to 2022. The transportation of iron ore decreased by 13.2% y/y – to 27.5 million tons, ferrous metals – by 10.6% y/y, to 8.2 million tons, and grain – by 5.9% y/y, to 30.6 million tons.